Wednesday, February 20, 2008

IPL - Retired players dont command a premium

The IPL has easily surpassed all the predictions and it has made the ICL look like a small event. Never has India seen such a frenzy and display of power and money. It is fitting that Cricket is the medium for this frenzy in a country that treats its international cricketers like demi-gods.

One has to thank Zee for starting ICL, otherwise BCCI would not have moved its rear and utilised the abundance of creative energy that it has in its ranks. And thanks to that initiative, India is just become a Super Duper Cricketing power in the cricketing world.

With the biddings having taken place today, and Dhoni bagging the title of the most expensive cricketer at 6 crore rupees for the Chennai team, and with Symonds following closely at 5.4 crore (5.3 / 5.4 crore according to some news channels), it is clear that the team management is looking for players who have current form and who are on active duty for their respective boards.

No wonder then, that a great player like Warne has not been sold for a premium and someone like McGrath hasn't even found a taker. It is nothing less than a dent in their iconic reputation in their home country. But thats how the cookie crumbles. The management is into ICL purely for the money. They are not willing to compromise on the ability of the selected players to help the respective team owners in terms of marketing while serving as an asset to their onfield competition.

Some greats of the game, I suspect, will have to bear the shock of being omitted and others will have to be satisfied with the money which could be a lot lesser than what they would have fancied themselves worth.

The formula is clear, in my opinion, they are looking at
IPL Team =
Current Performance + Potential Performance + Marketeability - Length of Break from Cricket

If observed closely, everyone has bid for cricketers who are currently playing or have retired only in the last 30 - 60 days.

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