Monday, February 18, 2008

The CB series is just about to get hotter.

This series has thrown up some really interesting facts. Australia have by far been the best side and they have 3 bonus points from 3 matches to show for their efforts. India and Sri Lanka have a lot of catching up to do. The only difference between the 3 sides has been the inability of Sri Lanka and India to chase town pretty meagre totals that Australia had set against them.

By saying that Australia has been the best, I, in no way imply that they were unbeatable, in fact their batting standards have been pretty ordinary when compared to the same line up less than a year ago. With scores of 51/3 (v IND in the rain affected match), 253/6 (v SL), 159 all out (v IND), 236 all out (v SL) and 203/9 (v IND), there are clear signs that the Aussie batters are a pale shadow of their usual self. Only Gilly and Pup have been able to get some decent scores in the series. Infact they have been up against some good bowling by both the teams that has made it hard for them. What has helped them immensly is the outstanding contribution that their Bowlers have provided and some poor batting by both the visiting teams.

Having said that, I foresee an even more closely contested second half of this round robin phase. For India, Gambhir & Dhoni are doing well, Rohit Sharma has been fluent in patches and Sachin is due for a big one. And by the look of it, I think Yuvraj seems to be emerging from his stretched form slump (although the 26 v Aus was not highly convincing). Its time for Veeru to join the party and I then reckon that India will be a serious contender for a spot in the 3 match finals.

All the best.

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