Monday, February 4, 2008

Egg ...... but on whose face??

"Meri jaan meri jaan murgi ke ande"...... That seems to be the song that fits best to a selected few Aussie youths. For the uninitiated lot.... its an old song from an Indian (Hindi) movie that had crept into the slang culture of the country. It means " My beloved, My beloved, These are eggs from a hen". Although this may sound very ordinary in English, it was quite a song in Hindi when it came on to the scene.

Anyway, coming back to Cricket, Murali seems to be quite immune to this kind of a behavior from the Aussie crowd and I must really take a bow for this humble guy from the island nation to have not created such a fuss about it. He did what he had to do, and that was to report the incident. After that, he has just gone about doing his business.

But this has once again reinforced the belief that the Aussie crowd (a few unwanted people in them) is one of the most hostile among the cricket playing nations. I will not talk about the booing of players as that is a common occurence all over the world, but things like throwing banana skins and eggs is simply unpardonable.

At this point, I remember a few instances when some of my fellow country men decided to do something similar when they attacked a player ( who was feilding close to the boundary) with rotten tomatoes and plastic bottles. There have been instances of such degree that prompted the respective authorities to install nets over the seating enclosures in a few Indian stadiums. That has more or less taken care of the on field "Attack"on players.

But what does one do when something like that happens off the field and when you least expect it. The aggression of the Australian is well known to the world, but for it to take such forms is a scary thought. Before one knows it, an over jealous cricket fanatic might just attack a player with an intention to cause physical harm.

This is certainly not turning out to be a pleasant Australian sporting summer. With controversies galore, it has been a challenge for the authorities to keep track of the on field developments. Cricket has been in the news for all the wrong reasons ever since the Sydney fiasco came to light.

I hope to see some absorbing cricket and wish that all the controversy takes a back seat at least for the time being.

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